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"United Payment Services has been a true partner in every sense of the word. The process is seamless from pre-authorization, shipment release, settlement and auto-cash application when there is a valid credit card in the database. UPS is passionate about providing timely solutions to our ever changing business models and processing needs. Their technical expertise and professionalism in addition to ease of working with them far exceeds our expectations since inception of our relationship in 2008. "

- Dale Spelman, Otis Spunkmeyer Inc.

United Payment Services Corporate Bundle
- Our Corporate Solution provides your business with all of the features included in our other solutions with the added capability of automating all aspects of payment processing and payment processing management. Engineered to increase operational efficiency while minimizing PCI scope, associated costs and potential liability.

Corporate Features

  • Invoice Processing - Extend Accounts Receivable systems/ processes and automate online invoice payment processing with simple secure FTP transfers of invoice data files (as well as optional Adobe pdf Invoice details). Initial “Payment due” notifications as well as periodic reminders with a “Click to pay” link directing customers to a Secure Customer Self Service Payment portal skinned to look like your company.
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  • Bulk Transactions Processing with ZERO PCI Impact - Process bulk transactions for customers using your assigned Customer Number and the customer's Card Card on File saved on our PCI Level 1 certified servers.
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  • ERP Integration - Automated ERP integration is easy using our Secure FTP service to push payment "Requests" to us and pull "Responses" as well as scheduled "Reports" back to you.
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  • For your Customer Service - My Merchant Console provides your Customer Service Representative with our complete Web based system to manage all Customer Payment needs as well as comprehensive Merchant Account Reporting in a single portal. Add unlimited number of Users with granular Permissions settings to control user actions.
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  • Ecommerce Capabilities - Use our "off the shelf" PCI Compliant eCommerce Bolt-on and Hosted services or use our easy POST API to integrate into your custom application.
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  • Card Present - We support nearly every credit card terminal or POS system. Furthermore we provide a Secure PC based solution to process card present transactions without a clear credit card number ever touching the PC. 100% out of PCI scope. The same capability can be built into your custom POS using our unique Encrypt at the head system with out POST API and gateway Decryption.
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  • Developer API - Integrate United Payment Services into your in house Back Office/Accounts Receivable systems, eCommerce website, and swiped POS applications. Traditional API as well as Secure capabilities designed to eliminate your applications from PCI Scope (and PCI review) by removing all clear card data from your application (Card Present and Card Not Present)
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  • Minimize PCI Scope - Save thousands ($$$) / year on PCI Compliance fees by outsourcing 100% credit card storage to United Payment Services
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Merchant Facing Features (Your Customer Service)

  • Virtual Terminal - A secure online Virtual Terminal to manually enter and process customer transactions.
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  • Save Card on File - Secure online customer database to store customer Credit cards for future payments of recurring customers
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  • Recurring Billing - Automatic scheduling of customer recurring payments
  • Custom Receipts - Online and email receipts fully customizale including your company logo.
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  • Online Reporting - Online Graphical, Interactive and Exportable Reports including tracking a payment all the way to the deposit in your bank account
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Customer Facing Features (Your Customer's Experience)

  • Online Payments - Use our "off the shelf" PCI Compliant eCommerce Bolt-on and Hosted services or use our easy POST API to integrate into your custom application.
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  • One-Click Checkout - Securely allow customers to save their credit cards on file for future Amazon-like One-Click checkout
  • Customer Facing Self Service Website - Customizable website skinned to look like your company where your customers can pay outstanding invoices as well as update their credit card information 24/7
  • Automatic Email Notifications - Notification sent to you and your customers of stored credit cards which have expired or will expire soon

Additional Features

  • Mobile Virtual Terminal - Process payments with your mobile phone
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