First Data FD-20 Contactless Reader

First Data FD-20 The First Data FD-20 contactless reader processes electronic payments using the latest technology. Customers simply wave or tap their card in front of an FD-20 reader that is connected to a POS terminal, and the transaction is initiated. By adding the FD-20 reader to an existing First Data proprietary terminal, merchants can support the acceptance of contactless cards, key fobs, and other specially equipped devices, with the same end result and security of a standard card-swiped transaction. This technology can significantly increase transaction speed and is ideal for businesses with a high volume of low dollar transactions.

First Data FD-20

First Data FD-20

First Data FD-20


  • Easy USB connectivity to a new or existing First Data proprietary terminal
  • Field upgradeable when new payment types are integrated and enhancements are offered
  • A separate power supply is not required
  • Single solution from a single vendor
  • Competitively priced

Help Your Business

  • Faster payment process at the POS
  • Sophisticated, leading edge technology
  • Easy installation and staff training
  • USB support through an existing First Data proprietary terminal allows for additional peripherals at the POS

Help Your Customers

  • An interactive, self-explanatory payment process
  • The latest, most up-to-date technology
  • Enhanced security through customers maintaining possession of their card at all times
  • Lights and audible signals keep the customer informed and involved throughout the transaction
  • Faster transaction times mean quicker check out and less time waiting in line

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First Data FD20 Contactless Reader Sales Sheet (PDF, 167KB)
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