Secure POS Integration with POINT-to-POINT Encryption

Card Data Encrypted In The Swiper so it NEVER Touches Your Application

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Integrate your card present payment applications using our POST API with MagTek® MagneSafe™ USB Card Swiper and completely eliminate your payment application from the PCI scope. Your application NEVER stores, transmits, or processes ANY clear credit card data, so it is outside of PCI scope!

Here's How It Works...

1.  The merchant swipes the card through the MagTek®
MagneSafe™ card reader

2.  Within the reader the card data is transformed (encrypted)
using MagneSafe™ technology into a highly secured payment
and identification token with proven ability to identify
counterfeit cards and prevent card fraud. Only the encrypted
card information is passed to the application.

3.  The application takes the encypted information and forms
a simple HTTPS "REQUEST" string and POSTS it securely
to the United Payment Services Gateway

4.  Next, the United Payment Services Secure Gateway decrypts
the token

5.  The transaction is processed and authorized via the bank
card network

6.  The HTTPS "RESPONSE" is securely sent back to the merchant
including the masked card information

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