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Easily Integrate with any Card Present Application

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Integrate your card present payment application using our POST API. Our POST API is a set of easy to use OPERATIONS or METHODS that can be integrated into any POS application to provide secure real-time processing of all credit card processing functionally. You may use any programming language running on any OS. The only simple requirement is the ability to form a HTTPS POST "REQUEST" and parse and interpret the HTTPS "RESPONSE".

Here's How It Works...

1.  The merchant swipes the card through their POS System's
application's card reader

2.  The application takes the card data and forms
a simple HTTPS "REQUEST" string and POSTS it securely
to the United Payment Services Gateway

3.  The transaction is processed and authorized via the bank
card network using the United Payment Services
Secure Gateway

4.  The HTTPS "RESPONSE" is securely sent back to the merchant
including the masked card information

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