Connect PC®

Securely Swipe Transactions Using Your PC or Laptop

connect pc

Connect PC® is United Payment Services' free payment software which enables you to swipe credit cards using your computer!

Swiping cards using Connect PC® is fast, easy, and secure! Works with any PC ... including desktops, laptops and even notebooks!

Built with MagTek's® MagneSafe™ "encrypt in the head" technology and our certified PCI Level 1 United Connect® gateway, your transactions are always safe, secure and 100% "no effort" PCI Compliant. Credit Card data NEVER touches your PC!


No Effort
PCI Compliance

USB Card Reader

Download and Installation

Connect PC® Features

  • The Connect PC® software is 100% FREE
  • Full functionality of My Merchant Console, including Reporting and Administrative functions
  • Securely swipe transactions with point-to-point encryption - data is encrypted within the reader at the point of swipe (clear card data NEVER touches your PC) and transformed into a highly secured payment and identification token with proven ability to identify counterfeit cards and prevent card fraud
  • Seamlessly integrates with all other United Connect Services.
  • Completely customizable receipts which can be emailed to your customer and/or printed on the spot for signature

MagneSafe™ Key Features

  • Complete protection of sensitive card data
  • 100 percent accuracy of track data decryption and reconstruction
  • Support for Triple DES open standard for encryption
  • Derived unique key per transaction DUKPT key management
  • Multi-layer security providing counterfeit detection, counters skimming attempts and stops fraudulent transactions in real-time

Look for the MagneSafe™ logo at the point of swipe.

There is no stronger, more practical solution available today
for consumer protection.

MagneSafe™ is a registered trademark of MagTek®

No Effort PCI Compliance

With MagneSafe™, Credit Card Data NEVER Touches Your Computer

1. The merchant swipes the card through the MagTek® card reader

2. Within the reader the card data is transformed (encrypted) using
    MagneSafe technology into a highly secured payment and identification
   token with proven ability to identify counterfeit cards and prevent card

3. The encrypted token is securely sent to the United Connect® Gateway

4. The United Connect® Gateway then decrypts the token

5. The transaction is processed and authorized via the bank card network

6. The transaction response is securely sent back to the merchant
    including the masked card information

MagTek MagneSafe™ Mini Swipe Reader

The Centurion enables retailers to “future proof” their POS applications with support for both today’s traditional applications and tomorrow’s advanced security requirements.

Click Here for more information.

MagneSafe™ is a registered trademark of MagTek®

Connect PC® Download and Installation

System Requirements

 •  PC with any version of Microsoft Windows
 •  Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 or higher (Free from Microsoft... usually already on every PC)
 •  1 Available USB Port
 •  Latest MS service packs installed (Strongly Recommended)

To install Connect PC®, please install the MagTek® drivers first and then the Connect PC® application.

Step 1. Download and Install (Run) the MagTek® drivers

Click Here to download the drivers for the MagTek USB Card Reader. These drivers must be installed in order for the MagTek Reader to work with Connect PC.

Step 2. Download and Install (Run) the Connect PC® Application setup

Click Here to download the Connect PC® Application setup. Follow the instructions and install the Connect PC® application. When the installation has completed, a Connect PC® icon will be displayed on your desktop. Double-click on this icon to run Connect PC®.

MagneSafe™ is a registered trademark of MagTek®

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