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Online Reporting So You Can Take Control Over Every Penny

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Connect Reports® gives you online reporting to all aspects of your merchant account. During this economic down turn, businesses need to keep their eye on every penny and Connect REPORTS® does exactly that. It allow you to track a transaction from initial authorization to deposit into your bank account.

Here's How It Works...

Features and Benefits

  • All the financial information is seamlessly linked together allowing easy tracking of a payment from the initial transaction to settlement batch and ultimately all the way to the merchant’s bank account. With the optional Connect VT® or Connect CPIM® services, invoices and customer information are included for easy tracking from initial payment all the way to the bank account.
  • Every United Payment Services merchant deposit is reported with all the detailed information taking all the guess work out of which transaction went into which deposit.
  • Data can be exported in standard data file formats to be used in house systems or custom analysis via MS Excel.
  • Printable reports with graphical charts are included which can easily be printed directly from the web browser or saved to an Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf). Examples include: Daily Sales Report, Settlement Batch Report as well as a Transaction Receipt which can be customized with the merchant’s own logo.
  • Seamlessly integrates with all other United Connect Services.   

Interactive Demos

 •   Daily Sales Report
 •   Daily Sales Detail Report
 •   Batch Report
 •   Batch Detail Report
 •   Bank Activity Report
 •   Transaction Detail Report

Support Center

 •   Batches Report  
 •   Transactions Report  
 •   Bank Activity Report  
 •   Daily Sales Report

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 •   Retail Solutions
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