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Process Payments on Your Computer or Laptop Anytime, Anywhere

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United Payment Services Virtual Terminal® is an online Virtual Terminal (VT) which allows you to manually process transactions 24/7 from any computer from anywhere in the world. It is so easy to use, you will be processing transactions in minutes. No software required, can be used with any web browser!

How The Standard Virtual Terminal Works...

Using the Virtual Terminal with Existing Customers...

Features and Benefits

  • The virtual terminal is completely customizable allowing control of all transaction fields. Transaction fields can be set to Show, Hide, or Mandatory depending upon the merchant’s business requirements (e.g. Tax Amount, Invoice Number…)
  • The VT supports group capture of previously authorized transactions allowing daily sales / AR functions to be completed fast and easy.
  • Includes the ability to create additional secure users. That is, you can give other members of your company access to the Virtual Terminal and easily control what functions they can and cannot perform.
  • Seamlessly integrates with all other United Connect Services.

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American Express requires separate approval.
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